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Specialized in the supply of heatshrinkable products, advice, satisfaction and customer service are our goals, it is more than 1000 references on stock delivered to you in 24 hours, and thousands of kilometers at your disposal thanks to our logistic and our transport partners

heat-shrinkable tubing with express delivery

Shipping and express delivery: delivery of your orders the next day before 1pm for all orders placed before noon (professionals only)

Heatshrinkable sheaths and braided sleeves

Very large range of professional quality sheaths, in conformity with international certifications Rohs, reach, ul224, vw1, iec, self-extinguishing, flame retarded, uv resistant (see details)

Colors available : black, blue, red, green, white, yellow, brown, transparent, yellow green, white, grey, purple, orange.

black or grey Braided Sleeve in reel

Braided Sleeve
Ø 3 to 72 mm

heat shrink tubing roll in transparent black or color

Thin wall sheath ratio 2:1 in reel

Sheath ratio 3:1 in reel

Halogen free sheath ratio 2:1 in reel

Ø 0.5 to 152.4 mm

thin wall heat shrink tubing black glossy economic

Economic thin wall sheath
shiny black or very transparent
From 1.6 to 50.8 mm

waterproof heat-shrinkable tubing with adhesive

Soft and flexible waterproof sheath with adhesive

ratio 3:1 or ratio 4:1
also in reels

Shrink tubing Medium wall

Heatshrinkable tube with medium wall

2 to 350 mm

Medium wall heatshrinkable tube with waterproof adhesive

2 to 350 mm thickness 2 to 3.5 mm

Thick-walled heat-shrinkable tube with resin

Heatshrinkable tube with thick wall
Ø 3 to 200 mm
Thick Heatshrinkable sheath with waterproof adhesive
Thickness from 2.2 to 4.3 mm

6:1 high shrinkage heat shrink tube with resin

waterproof Thick wall ratio 6:1, for application requiring a strong ratio

Flame retardant flexible heat shrink tubing

Heatshrinkable sheath
Thin wall

Ratio 2:1 - Ratio 3:1 - Ratio 4:1

Split sleeve for repairing electrical cable, pipe

Openable and split sleeve
ideal for repairing electrical cables, plumbing

PTFE sleeves

PTFE Sheaths

high temperature resistance

up to 260°C

Printed sleeve

Printing and cutting Heatshrinkable sleeve

Marking service, screen printing, and identification sleeve cutting on request
Marking of sleeves from 10 mm to 700 mm in length
Pre-cut or cut sleeve from 3 mm to 39 mm in diameter
Standard sheath printing (possible on non-flat round sheath) with a ratio of 3:1

colours on request

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We are at your disposal for all your custom requests: large quantity, printed sleeves, length set, cut sleeves.

Electrical connection

Sealed electrical crimp sleeve for quick electrical connection
crimp waterproof heat shrink butt connector

Strip, crimp, heat:
it is connected and waterproof

Watertight thermo-solderable electrical connector and sleeve
insulated solder heat shrink butt connector

Strip, heat: it is connected and insulated

Watertight thermo-solderable electrical connector and sleeve
waterproof solder heat shrink butt connectors

Strip, heat: it's connected, insulated and sealed

Clamp, extremes and Heatshrinkable caps

Heat-shrinkable end

cable breakouts shapes 2 to 7 fingers

On request

colson natural and black cable tie clamps and installation

Black Wiring Cable Ties
Transparent Cable ties
Black Wiring Installation Clamp

width 2.5 to 9 mm, length 100 to 750

end cap heat-shrinkable cable waterproof

Cable End
and heat shrinkable cap with resin

Ø 4.5 to 250 mm

Pvc Ribbons, Silicone Tape, Heat Shrink Tape

Adhesive tape PVC color width 15 mm length 10 m, set of 10 rlx

Color adhesive PVC tape

width 15 and 19 mm

long 10 and 20 m

high temperature self-fusing tape

High temperature silicone self-fusing Ribbon,
available in black, transparent, red, blue, green, yellow,

width 25.4, 38.1, 50.8 mm

Black Heat Shrink Ribbon with Resin width 25 mm to 150 mm length 15 m

Black Heat Shrink Tape with Adhesive width 25 mm to 150 mm length 15 m
available widths 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm

length 15 m

Sheath boxes

black and colored shrink tubing assortment box

Black and color Heatshrinkable sheath boxes without adhesive

with adhesive
from 55 to 406 pieces

Black Sheath Reel

Black heatshrinkable sheath
dispenser box

expandable braided sheath

Braided Sleeve dispenser box

Hot air gun, electric or gas, and accessories

Pistolet à air chaud à gaz Autonomous gas heating gun 4500 express

Autonomous Cordless Gas Heat Gun

And the small one

Hot air gun HL 1610 S 1600 W

Hot air gun and accessories

Reflector nozzle for Steinel gun

Reflector nozzle

We deliver everywhere in europe, in the DOM-TOM (ht billing).

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Our organization : specialized in the supply of Heatshrinkable products, advice, satisfaction and customer service are our leitmotiv, it is more than 500 references in stock, and thousands of kilometers at your disposal, delivered to you in 24 hours, thanks to our logistics and our transport partners.

Application area of the thermo-reducing sheath : electric bt, electric cable repair, Sealing of cable heads, Electronics, protect and isolate electrical wires, electric insulation of bare wires, automobile, mechanical protection, building frame protection, rope, protection node, waterproof label protection, sealing, repair buried furnace, food handle tools, color tracking, custom Printing and cutting Heatshrinkable sleeve, corrosion protection, industrial pipe welding protection, gas cylinder envelope, diving bottle protection, carbon block protection, waterproof protection, electrical connector, wiring, electric repair, steel cable end, protection of metallic materials reverbers and pylons, sail, nautism, shipbuilding, industrial, plumbing: (leading, cast iron, copper), decoration, medical, handle wholesaler, fishing net protection, fishing net marking. adhesive tape in pvc for electric use. Discover heatshrinkable sheath guide to choice, sprinkler marking ring, date ring for fire cartridge, realization a junction of electric cable in the water (immersed pump cable), low-voltage underground cable repair, for fishing hook assembly, available in small packaging. for setting up in places without electricity think about Autonomous Cordless Gas Heat Gun

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