Guide to choice and use: how to choose the thermoretractable sheath ?
by ratio, thickness, with resin, size, color, packaging.

Choice by coefficient of retreint (ratio 2:1 3:1 4:1 6:1), thickness, with or without adhesive, colors, size, packaging by reel, bar, sleeve, meter.

produit thermorétractable 3 M raychem tyco canusaHow to choose and use the thermoretractable sheath using the thermoretraction guide?

  1. Choose the type of wall of the sheath according to your use, from the thin and flexible wall to the thick and watertight wall from 0.33 mm to 4.3 mm (see detailed sheets for finished thicknesses).
  2. With or without adhesive, to ensure perfect sealing, choice according to the operating temperature 105°C, 110°C, 135°C, extinguishable car sheath.
  3. Then choose the retreint coefficient (2:1 to 6:1), this corresponds to the ratio between initial and minimum diameter, for example a 12/4 mm sheath , Ø 12 mm initial front retracted and Ø 4 mm at the minimum retracted, corresponds to a retract of 3:1.
  4. As a reminder, if you are looking for the sheath circumference, it is enough X the diameter by 3.14, for example a sheath with a diameter of 12.7 mm at a circumference of 38.93 mm
  5. You then have a color choice (black, blue, red, green, white, yellow, brown, grey, transparent, yellow green, orange)
  6. Then choose the packaging according to the types, sleeves, tubes, bars, coils, dispenser boxes, assortment box without adhesive, assortment box with adhesive, black thermoretractable sheaths and colors in meter
  7. On request large diameter sheath up to 1000 mm
  8. Attention all the dimensions indicated are the useful inner diameters, and NOT flat, see our table of equivalences, for the conversion of dimensions diameter to flat

Heat-retractable, thin-walled sheath (small)

Applications: industrial, tracking, identification, dressing, electrical insulation, cable protection, waterproofing, insulation of welded points, insulation and shell protection and connectors, light gain. . The transparent thermoretractable sheath protects, isolates or seals while clearly showing the support or marking mark.
choisir une gaineGuide to Thermoretractable Sheath Sizes find your size in one click

Need several diameters? discover our assortment boxesBoite assortiments noir et couleurs 170 pièces 17 M

Single and thin wall with adhesive

waterproof thermoretractable sheath

Medium and thick weight

Applications requiring high mechanical resistance.

Thickness 1 to 2.5 mm

by diameters

Thickness 2 to 3 mm

Ø 3 to 275 mm

Thickness 1.2 to 4.3 mm

Ø from 3 to 200

gaine themoretractable fine avec adhésif
Dual wall with adhesive

Tube thermorétractable grand diamètre
Medium wall tube
Type PM4

Tube thermorétractable rigide épaisse
Thick wall tube
Type PE4

Applications requiring high mechanical resistance and sealing

Gaine themoretractable fine avec adhésif retreint 3:1
Ratio 3:1
Type PF3-A

Gaine thermo rétrécissante étanche fort Rétreint 4:1
Ratio 4:1
Type PF4-A

Tube thermorétractable paroi moyenne étanche avec résine
Medium wall tube
with adhesive
Type PM4-A

Gaine thermorétractable paroi épaisse étanche avec résine
Thick wall tube
with adhesive
Type PE4-A

Ø 1 to 39 mm

Ø 1 to 52 mm


gaien thermorétractable avec résine étanche transparente

Gaine thermorétractable fine avec adhésif noir rétreint 4:1



guide Need any advice to choose ?

Embout capuchon câble thermorétractable étanche

Cable pack
with adhesive
(cold heat)

gaine tréssée expensible grise et noire

Braided Sleeve

Manchon thermoretractable étanche fendu/ouvert pour réparation
Heat Shrinkable Repair Sleeve
Boite assortiment gaine thermorétractable auto-extinguible
Matching box
black and color
Boite assortiment gaine avec adhésif noir et transparent 235 pcs
Matching box
sheath with adhesive

Manchon auto soudeurThermo-weld sleeve for online splice

Manchon à sertir our raccordement électrique étanche

Waterproof sleeve

Connecteur auto-soudeur étanche
Waterproof self-supply connector

collier de fixation rilsan naturel et noir colson

Fixing collar rilsan
Installation stickers

ruban auto vulcanisant silicone haute température

self-fusing repair tape Xtreme

How to put in place the thermoretractable sheath (thermal shrinking)

  1. Cut the desired length, foresee a longitudinal narrowing of 5-7 % (tube length)
  2. See the technical data sheets to know the retreint temperature of the sheath, it is best not to use flame, but rather a flame gun thermal or suitable oven, we offer a range of gun hot air suitable for the installation of thermoretractable sheaths and products, no electricity, think about gun wireless heating
  3. Heat evenly over the outer diameter and over the entire length of the sheath, not overheating, the sheath will lose its characteristics, let the sheath cool slowly.

pistolet thermique pour utilisation gaine thermorétractable

outils pour mise en place gaine thermo

autonomous gas hot air gun 4600

Electric insulation extinguishable heat shrinkable sheath High temperature thermoretractable sheath, very high chemical resistance