Waterproof heat shrink cap with adhesive diameter 4 to 250 mm

Heat Shrink cable packsOperating temperature: -55 to +110°C
Polyolefin reticulatedDielectricity ‡12 kV/mm
Spiral adhesive coatingsResistant UV moisture oxidation

fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type MOR-A Data sheet Waterproof heat shrink cap

Heat-shrinkable cap for outdoor or buried use Heat-shrinkable lost end coated internally with resin glue to insulate and protect against moisture Allows insulation and waterproofs cable terminations Live use, protects against corrosion Resistant to vibrations.

Area of ​​use: electrical automotive mechanical protection protection of metal fittings steel cable end cap steel cable termination and protection

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The Essential Cable End Cap

The cable ferrule is the essential accessory to store in any electrician's toolbox. In terms of personal safety, it is added to heat shrink tubing, insulated electrician tools or absence of voltage tester, flash visor and insulating gloves, and lockout padlock.

ACLP distributes a wide range of cable ferrules.

What is a Cable End ?

Unlike a heat-shrinkable sleeve which we can compare to a tube open at both ends, a cable ferrule is a heat-shrinkable tube blind on one side, and open at the other end.

The characteristics of the cable end

- Material: The cable ferrule piece is usually made from polyolefin, silicone or other high quality thermoplastic materials.

- restricted capacity: like any heat shrinkable product, the cable end has a capacity to restrict itself by 2 times. With a cap with an initial diameter of 100 mm, under the effect of the heat from a hot air gun, the diameter of the cap decreases to 50 mm. At the same time, the thickness of the wall doubles, from 2 mm at 4mm.

- dielectric resistance: it is greater than 12 kVolts/mm. So, with the cap described above whose wall thickness is 4 mm at Ø50 mm, the dielectric resistance will be 48 Volts. This satisfies most safety requirements for electrical insulation.

- waterproof: the cable end is coated with resin inside the tube. When the cap contracts under the effect of heat, the resin inside heats up and softens, and sticks to the support. After complete cooling, the resin film constitutes an effective seal. So the cable end protects against moisture and dust.

The advantages of the cable end

- Ease of installation: installation of the cable ferrule piece is quick and simple, requiring only the application of heat.

- The available diameter range extends from Ø3 mm to Ø250 mm. This meets almost all requests.

- The material of which the cable end is made is hard plastic, therefore the cable end provides robust mechanical resistance, in particular resistance to abrasion, tearing and tearing, or cuts.

Cable end applications

- as part of a construction site, with the installation of numerous cables passed through the rails and ducts, and awaiting a subsequent electrical connection, the installation of a cable ferrule piece secures the installation in progress. There is no longer the risk of cutting yourself on the conductors or getting electrified. The copper or aluminum conductor is encapsulated and retains all its qualities while awaiting a future electrical junction.

- Recently, ACLP was asked to find a removable solution to protect 5000 Ø50mm boiler pipes over a length of 150mm, during maritime transport. In collaboration with the customer and the cap manufacturing factory, we delivered to our customer 10,000 adhesive-free cable ferrules Ø52 mm length 150 mm. The diameter of the tip is close to the finished diameter, so the installation time is short. In addition, there is no adhesive, which will make it easier to remove the tip at the last moment! Our customer is fully satisfied, this is a special production.

- Telecommunications: for the insulation and protection of cable connections in communications networks.

- Aerospace industry: for cable insulation in aircraft and spacecraft.

- Marine applications: to protect cables exposed to humidity and salt water.

- To simply seal a plastic or metal pipe, etc. and avoid liquid or odor leaks.

ACLP is a professional distributor of cable ferrule. These products are made in Europe. Thus, they are of good quality, and the factory can quickly satisfy emergencies or special requests. As illustrated in the application examples above, and contrary to popular belief, the cable end piece is used in many fields other than electricity. Do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone, chat, for all your requests!

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