Waterproof heat shrink sheath with adhesive diameter from 1 to 52 mm

Dual wall with adhesiveratio available 3:1 and 4:1
Coated with a layer of glue to ensure sealingInstallation temperature: ✱ 110°C
Operating temperature -55° to +110°CFlexible
UV resistant (except transparent)Colours available on request

This adhesive Heat Shrink sheath is ideal for all applications requiring sealing between support and sheath while remaining flexible and flexible even after shrinkage. The adhesive coated on the entire inner surface of the sheath ensures perfect protection against moisture and better mechanical hold between the covered product and the sheath.

The installation is identical to a thin wall sheath. We also offer to cut the sheath to your measurements.
It is ideal for the protection and electrical insulation of bare wires, the encapsulation of cables, wires, cable terminations, and making water and airtight electrical sheaths in bbc construction.

Other thicknesses available: Rigid and waterproof heat shrink sheath - Adhesive Heat Shrink thick wall tube

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