Thermoretractable tape for electricity, mechanics, plumbing, construction -Type RT or RTA

Operating range: from -40°C to +120°C

Beginning of retreint temperature 90 °C

Electrical insulation: ≥12KV/mm

Type: RT (with no adhesive) and RTA (with adhesive)

Thickness 0.9 (RT) to 1mm (RTA)

Satisfies regulations RoHS and REACH

UV resistant, and abrasion

available in black color

Packaging in roll

Repair a metal elbow with thermoretractable ribbon

Repair a metal axis with thermoretractable ribbon

fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type PM4Data sheet thermoretractable tape

Depending on your need or problem, if you cannot use a medium wall, medium watertight wall with resin, or thick wall, thick wall with adhesive, or Thermoretractable sheath with adhesive, then a thermoretractable tape can be the solution. Indeed, you can apply it on a elbow, and there is no ratio stress.

They are mainly used for the assembly of cables, repair and insulation of damaged cables and wires and for the protection of cables against mechanical defects and corrosion.

Recommended for the application of all construction joints as a waterproof and durable protection.

A good adhesion of the adhesive layer applied on metals, wood, ceramics and plastics ensures a good insulation of ventilation ducts, ducts, wires, electrical cables and telecommunications.

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