Thermoretractable sleeve printing and cutting for cable wire tracking

Marking service, screen printing, and identification sleeve cutting on demand in thermoretractable sheath
Marking of sleeves from 10 mm to 700 mm in length
Pre-cut or cut sleeve from 3 mm to 39 mm in diameter
Standard sheath printing (possible on non-flat round sheath) with a ratio of 3:1 white marking on other colours on request

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There are many applications: identification of wire marker cables marking electric cable marking cable marking industrial marking hazard identification and traceability of components subject to durability identification of safety labeling pre-printed for the identification of wires and cables marking and marking of wires tubes and pipes
marker ring on sprinkler ring with date for fire cartridge.

Electrical and industrial identification and tracking

marquage manchon identification gaien thermorétractablemarquage code barre sur cable électriquerepérage cable audio couleur orImage

repérage cable électriqueservice impression manchon

gaine thermo imprémé L1 L2 L3 N

Electrical and industrial identification and tracking

Text printing, bar code marking, special color printing

Closed sleeves with marking clamping rings for electric cable numbering

logo print, custom markers, electric cable tracking.

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