Self-vulcanizing and self-amalgamating tape in high temperature silicone

This self-flowing and self-sustaining silicone tape is revolutionary very versatile and without adhesive the installation is made without tools and without heating.

Continuous use temperature -45° to 200°C

Certification ISO 9001:2008 RoHS REAC

Intermittent temperature -65° to 260°C

Resist with fuel acids solvent oils salt water UV rays

Stupid pressure resistance of 700 PSI (48 Bars)

Long storage life

Isolation of 8000 Volts per layer (≥15000 volt/mm

Type RAVX X-Treme Tape tm

No adhesive agents Elasticity 300%

ruban auto vulcanisant silicone haute température

This self-adhesive tape thanks to its elastic and fusion properties is a much better product than a simple adhesive insulating ribbon.
fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type PF2-135 Specifications self-vulcanizing tape

The uses of this ribbon are unlimited:

Electricity Electric insulation Vessel connection terminals & caravans Wire ropes & electrical cables sealing electrical connections vents protection against corrosion protection satellite connection.
Automobile radiator pipes air pipes air-conditioning exhaust system wire protection cable.
Plumbing:siphons in pvc drain pipe drilled drainage pipes watering protection against corrosion dishwasher pipes washing machine evacuation pipes.
Marine: water pipes exhaust systems wiring rigging equipment fishing equipment diving equipment repair and maintenance of rigging.
Emergency troubleshooting : self-welding repair ribbon of sporting equipment handles & fixing tools and grips/Maintenance of glued parts emergency repair of a durite seals waterproofing Impermeabilisation gaskets emergency .
Repeat : color marking of hydraulic hose protection label protection.

utilisation ruban autovulcanisant électriciteruban réparation auto amalgamant pour la mécaniquescotch réparataion fuite rapide plomberiescotch réparataion rapide étancheutilisation scotch amalgamant réparation durite automobile

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For a repair, yes it is possible to filter, see also the resin thermoretractable sheath per meter

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