2:1 3:1 4:1 diameter of 0.5 to 152.4 mm transparent black colour

Heat Shrink sheath in reticulated polyolefinRoHs
Flexible thinCertified UL224 125 ℃ VW-1 600 V
Available in transparent black and coloursMIL - DTL-23053/5 class 1 and 2
Virgin of any markingEcological

This heat shrink sheath is suitable for multiple uses such as electric insulation, cable finishing, connections, equipment, marking, color tracking and identification, This sheath is intended for industrial, electronic applications, mechanical protection and dressing.

Our workshop proposes a Heat Shrink sheath printing service.
Available in length of 1.22 M, rolls, reels from 15 to 150 meters, in black dispenser box - assortment box - heat shrink colour sheaths in meter

Need help! Discover our guide to choice - Guide to Heat Shrink Sheath Sizes find your size in one click

How to choose his shrink ratio?

It is the coefficient between the initial diameter and the minimum diameter which gives the range of use a sheath with a 4:1 shrinkage has a greater range of use than a sheath shrinked 2:1

Ratio 2:1 - gauge can reduce to 1/2 of the initial diameter
Ratio 3:1 - gauge can reduce to 1/3 of the initial diameter
Ratio 4:1 - gauge can reduce to 1/4 of the initial diameter

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  • Ratio 2:1

    Thin wall heat shrink tubing 2:1 shrink, black and colours, on roll, by the meter

    ratio 2:1
    RoHs, Certified UL 224
    Available in sleeve, reel, rolls

    Guide to heat shrink sheath sizes- Other ratio available - Ratio 3:1 - Ratio 4:1
    For waterproof applications use the waterproof sheath

  • Ratio 3:1

    Heat Shrink 3:1 sheath resistant up to 135°C black and reel or sleeve colours - PF3-135

    Reticulated polyolefin sheathDielectricity: 20 kV/mm
    ratio 3:1Flexible and flexible
    Operating temperature -55° to +135°CDelayed with extinguishable auto flame (except transparent)
    Shrink temperature 90°CRoHs and REACH
    PF3-135Certified UL 224 125°C

    fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type PF2-135 Heat Shrink wall sheath technical sheet ratio 3:1
    Other ratio available - 2:1 - 4:1
  • Ratio 4:1

    Heat Shrink, high-retreated 4:1

    • Reticulated polyolefin sheath
    • ratio 4:1
    • Operating temperature -55° to +135°C
    • Type PF4-135
    • shrink temperature mini 70° c maximun 100°C
    • Flame retardant
    • RoHs
    • Flexible
    fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type PF4-135 Heat Shrink wall sheath technical sheet ratio 4:1
  • Halogen free

    Heat Shrink sheath with thin wall

    ratio 2:1 Black, in reel.

    • ratio 2:1
    • Operating temperature – 55 to 125°C
    • Minimum shrinkage temperature: +70°C
    • Flexible and quick retrench
    • Dielectricity: 20 kV/mm
    • Type: PF2-135-HF
    • Halogene free, RoHs
    • Certified UL 224 125°C
    • Available in reel, rollers
    • Flame retardant
    • Available in reel

    fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable sans halogene Type PF2-135-HF Heat Shrink sheathing sheet WITHOUT HALOGENE

    thin wall ratio 2:1

    Diameter from 0.6 mm to 76.2 mm in reel from 30m to 300 M (depending on sizes)
    The heat shrink sheath type PF2-135-HF is halogen and high quality. She's in. reticulated polyolefin, flexible and flexible, and has excellent dielectric, chemical and physical qualities.

    It is adapted to the industrial sectors of the railway, aeronautics, construction. It is suitable for areas such as electrical insulation, electronics, equipment, marking and printing.

    This sheath delayed flame resistant allows to cover elements of close diameters.

    In case of fire, this sheath emits little smoke and toxic gas, making it usable in confined environments.