Heat Shrink sheath with adhesive

Medium wall seat 3:1 Minimum shrinkage temperature: >110°C
Operating temperature – 40 to 110°C Available in 1 m bar
Dielectricity 17 kV/mm

gaine réparation électrique

manchon ouvert réparation cable électrique

gaine thermoretractable ouverte etanche

fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type MOR-A Technical sheet Heat Shrink sleeve with resin

Workable sleeve in reticulated polyolefin reinforced fiberglass are coated with a thermo-fusable adhesive ensuring excellent sealing and moisture protection.
There are many uses of pull-out repair sleeves: low-voltage derivation repair fast and reliable restoration of the outer envelope of the XLPE PVC cables mechanical protection repair coupling waterproof plumbing pipe lead copper pcv cement buried pipe repair.

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