Heat Shrink waterproof self-welded connector for section wires 0.8 to 6 mm²

shrink temperature 150 to 200 °C

Resistance to abrasion

Operating temperature -55°C to +125 °C

Dielectric resistance RT-1404: 2.0kV

Resistant to vibration and routing

Strip and heat: it is connected insulated and waterproof

manchon thermo soudable

Insulated and watertight self-welding connectors consisting of a tin ring inserted in a heat shrink insulating tube
enabling perfect connection of 2 electric conductors.
These self-welder connectors are made of a heat shrink sheath with adhesive (the sleeve is fully coated with adhesive) ensuring a perfect seal between the thread and the sheath.

Quick and efficient electrical connection solution extension of thread waterproof connection of led.


- Choose the Ø of the handle suitable for the electrical conductor to connect.
- Strip the wires about 5-6 mm.
- Insert the 2 wires (only one per side) in the sleeve, overlapping the stripped parts.
- Arrange the sleeve so that the central tin ring is in the middle of the connection.
 - First heat the sleeve in the center at the level of the tin until it melts. The gas mini-gun is suitable for this operation.
- Leave to cool slowly.
Exist in crimp heat shrink waterproof sleeve

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