PVC adhesive tape

PVC adhesive insulation tapes (referred to as vinyl) are used in many applications including electrical insulation of wires and electrical cables, identification, tracing, freighting.

This adhesive pvc adhesive tape is suitable for repair to tighten and mask objects by marrying their shapes.

This adhesive tape allows good mechanical protection, they are abrasion resistant and are specially designed for all applications.

This is insulating adhesive tape is flexible and elastic, it cuts or tears easily it applies to any type of surface.

Available colors: purple, green/yellow, brown, green, blue, yellow, red, white, grey, black.

Our PVC adhesive insulation ribbons are of professional quality.

Discover our high performance autovulcanizing tapes


Dielectricitymetric 6.8 kv
Operating temperature-12 to 80°C
CertificationASTM UL 510

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