Waterproof medium wall heat shrink sheath with resin Ø 3 to 350 mm - Type PM4-A

Thermoplastic adhesive coatingHalogen
Operating temperature -40°C to +120°CCompliance RoHS and REACH
Retreint temperature 110 °CUV resistors and corrosion
Electric resistance IEC 243 : ≥17KV/mmPackaging 1M tube
Type: PM4-A

fiche technique et utilisation gaine-thermoretractable Type PM4-ATechnical sheet heat shrink wall medium ratio with adhesive 4:1

The medium wall heat shrink sheath is suitable for use requiring high electrical and mechanical protection. The inside of the tube is completely covered with a thermoplastic resin to ensure a perfect seal between the elements to be covered and the sheath ensures a perfect protection against corrosion and humidity.

This sheath remains flexible to perfectly cover irregular contours.

It is available with a strong coefficient of retreint and a very large range of diametre. It is delivered in 1 meter rigid cardboard.

Available on request in length of 1.22m or up to 1040 mm in diameter contact us

Other thicknesses available: Thick wall - Medium - Heavy wall with adhesive

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items