How to retract a thermoretractable sheath?

Retracting a flame sheath. (Don't reproduce at home, focus on gun hot air)

Rejection of a sheath to gun hot air. (recommended)
Retracting a flame sheath. (Not to reproduce at home)

Connect 2 electric drivers:

Make a waterproof electrical connection with a Crimp waterproof heat shrink butt connector
Make a waterproof electrical connection with a Insulated solder heat shrink butt connector

Self-vulcanizing tape use case:

use of self-fusion tape for plumbing, electricity, mechanics, and many other fields

How to apply the thermoretractable tape?

Thermoretractable tape with Radpol adhesive!

Shrinking a thermoretractable tape

Maintenance of gun hot air:

Disassembly and reassembly, and start-up of the gas hot air gun